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I am a hawk I’m going to fly from place to place observing what is going on in the human life hopefully this is interesting and not boring. Ok well I’m going to start flying and see what I come up on hopefully a war I can watch or maybe a bombing so I can see a mushroom cloud. Ugh!!! I have been flying for so long I need a break I think ill land on one of those islands down there. I have never been there before hopefully there is food and water; I am really parched and hungry. Hawaii that sounds like a weird name to call a island I would of called ookka nookka or something like that Hawaii just sounds like a boring name. Whatever I need to find something to eat and drink pronto, let’s try over there near the harbor. Awwww some fruit and water just what I like maybe ill stay here for a while and get my nourishments. I hear some people taking near me lets hear what they have to say, “there was a point to getting this land” “what might that be” “it was because we needed to increase our sugar sales’ “oh I see, that’s understandable.” Ok well this conversation is boring guards away with them. Haha aww man I wish I were royalty so I could do that, that would be so cool, but sadly I am only a hawk nothing more probably never will be sadly. Ok well now that I know that I want to learn how America got Hawaii I mean u cant just stop at why America got it you need to know how they got it too. So I am going to fly around and see if I can find someone talking about that, I think ill fly circles around and eventually ill find someone. Oh I see someone talking about it lets hear in and see what I can hear cause I am curious. “Did u know Hawaii was annexed in 1867” “ I did, did u know that it was controlled by owned plantations at that time.” “I heard it was under control of a queen” “ it was but the men revolutionized a way to overthrow her” “that’s awesome.” Ok well this was all entertaining but I think I am going to go home now I am really tired and I need a nap.