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Dear diary,
                 This is Theodore Roosevelt and I am going to give you my Corollary and explain it for you. Many people say it was unconstitutional because we only have the right to intervene in the affairs of the small states in the Caribbean and Central America if there were to be a threat by the European powers, however, I feel that the united states should intervene so as to stabilize the economic affairs. The major motivation behind my amendment to the Monroe Doctrine was that all these helpless countries were being harassed because they were unable to pay their taxes. Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Mexico are three of the best examples I can think of that describe my reasoning perfectly. Now, Venezuela was receiving horrible letters from Britain and Germany because they had failed to pay their debts. They even went as far as to make a blockade around them and I had to call it off. Then there is Nicaragua and Mexico; I was not actually in charge of this. Many people criticized me when I first put forth the amendment to the Monroe Doctrine, but after I left the presidency, more people used it. Wilson enforced it when it came time. Wilson failed though, he tried to use the policy and help some Nicaraguan rebels. This effort, however, resulted in the necessary move to occupy the nation by force. Mexico, on the other hand, was a small success for President Wilson. There was a bloody revolution in 1913 and the Mexican General Victoriano Huerta was out to overthrow the government, as well as name himself the military dictator. He succeeded, but Wilson immediately dethroned him. The President then took it upon himself to initiate an agreement between Huerta and the seized government. He subsequently allowed the government officials to buy weapons from us and Huerta decided that was intolerable. He consequently seized a small group of American sailors, while Wilson demanded an apology for it. Of course Huerta refused, I mean why would he act contrite towards the country that infiltrated and destroyed his hope of controlling Mexico? However, eventually the conflict between Huerta and the Mexican government was resolved and the government reclaimed power in 1915. Lastly, Panama, well Panama is pretty well known so I will brief it. Panama is obviously home to the Panama Canal. This takes us back to my time and how I came to stumble upon this idea. I decided that I was tired of how long it took for merchant ships to travel all the way around Cape Horn and something had to be done. First, I thought of putting a canal in Nicaragua and almost had a deal until they decided that it was not enough money for them. We tried to bargain, but it just didn’t work out, so I looked for a new location and Panama fit the bill. We were even able to set the cost at only $40 million! This was $60 million short of the $100 million I was willing to pay the Nicaraguans! So we built it there and this cut down our travelling distance by 7,900 miles! This was an amazing investment in my opinion and will help merchants for years to come.