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I am the ghost of Washington I have awakened from my sleep to look at how my successors have heeded my warning of not entangling alliances. Oh I can see an exchange of items going on lets take a look and see what they are doing; oh I see that we, America, are buying land. I see that we are buying double the size of what we are now I would say that this is a good deal for America, I wish I was there to be apart of this tremendous buy. Well it looks like everything is good here lets take a look into a different time and see how we are doing now. Ok now were coming up on another time zone I see a war happening, this paper says the year is 1812, lets name this war the war of 1812. Now lets have a closer look at what is happening, it seems like there not listening to my warning of not entangling alliances this doesn’t look good I feel disaster will come in the near future. Ok well this is too hectic for my likings I think im going to go check out a different time zone. Ok this is taking forever maybe this is the Manifest Destiny which is defined as no time area and is continuous throughout history forever. This is the time period that is considered to be “A movement”; I think this is a good idea on America’s part. Oooo I see there is another war going on lets have a better look and see how we are doing, oh I see maybe it’s the annexation of Texas its between the Mexican and America. Ok well this isn’t interesting anymore I think ill go forward a little. Its Texas what could be going on in hick county maybe it’s the annexation of Texas, I don’t feel this is in my category. Ok well onto the next time zone and maybe well see something a little bit more interesting in my mind. Oh I see were coming up on the Monroe doctrine possibly this will entertain me and I can put my input into my log. I can see that the Monroe doctrine was between president Monroe’s turn in office in his seventh annual message to congress in December 2, 1823. Well I’m going to go back to sleep and I will check in on America and hopefully the next time I check in everything will be good and as I want. PEACE!!!