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Dear diary,
                 I am Woodrow Wilson and I am the President of the United States.  I am sad to say that a bloody war is happing as we speak.  It is a war between Germany and Britain and us we are in the middle.  I as President feel that is better for us not to interfere and to stay neutral.
So as our leader I wrote a speech called the 14 points saying why the war is going on.  I stated that it was about absolute freedom of the seas, prohibition of secret treaties and alliances, reduction of armaments, self-determination of people, and the formation of a general association to enforce these laws. I was making sure that the country new that the Great War was being fought for a moral cause and for postwar peace in Europe. As I’ve already said I decided to keep America in the middle and choose one side to help. I feel like if we did then the other side would come after us and hurt many innocent people.   But one day Germany sank one of our submarines, which in turn made us mad.  So we decided on the Sussex Pledge stating that if they didn’t sink anymore of our ships then we would compel the Allies to also use international law in their naval warfare.  So this was a turning point in rather or not to take a side or to still be neutral.  I knew we had Pledge but could we trust them? Well I decided we couldn’t and so we didn’t stay completely neutral giving loans of millions of dollars to the Allies. When Germany found out they sank out submarine again. It was called the Lusitania which had American weapons on it on its way to Britain.At this point I couldn’t determine if we were considered involved in the war or not.  Well from that point on we were in war with Germany and not Britain, we were helping Britain out a lot with our superior military and supplies.  We actually declared war finally because I felt that the world must be safe for democracy.  But, quickly Germany surrounded with the allies on a railway carriage in Compiegne Forest on 11 November 1918.  This was exciting it concluded that the First World War was over in the Western Front. As my 14 points they were very helpful but did not keep from another World War form happing which is sad, but at least I tried. God Bless you all.