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Anit-Imperialism League

Dear diary,
            Today we founded the anti-imperialism league, in New England on the date of June 15,1898. The league is found in New England and was absorbed by a new national anti-imperialist league. A statesman who goes by the name of George S. Boutwell served as the president  of the league in 1898, he hopefully will be a good leader. 

 Dear diary,
            Now that I have joined the Anti-imperialsim League I feel that I should become more acquainted with the others. I have received a list of some of the people in the League there names are as follows:

Charles Francis Adams, Jr., retired brigadier general, former president of Union Pacific Railroad (1884-90), author
Jane Addams, social reformer, sociologist, first woman to win Nobel Peace Prize
Edward Atkinson, entrepreneur, abolitionist, classical liberal activist
Ambrose Bierce, journalist, critic, writer
George S. Boutwell, politician, author, former U.S. Treasury Secretary (1869-73)
Andrew Carnegie, entrepreneur, industrialist, philanthropist
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), author, satirist, lecturer
Grover Cleveland, former President of the United States (1885-89, 1893-97), Bourbon Democrat
John Dewey, philosopher, psychologist, educational reformer
Finley Peter Dunne, columnist, author, humorist
Edwin Lawrence Godkin, co-founder and editor of The Nation (1865-99), publicist, writer
Samuel Gompers, labor leader, founder and president of the American Federation of Labor (1886-1924)
William Dean Howells, realist author, literary critic, editor
William James, psychologist, philosopher, writer
David Starr Jordan, ichthyologist, peace activist, university president
Josephine Shaw Lowell, progressive reformer, founder of the New York Consumers League
Edgar Lee Masters, poet, dramatist, author
William Vaughn Moody, professor, poet, literary figure
Carl Schurz, German revolutionary, retired brigadier general, former U.S. Interior Secretary (1877-81)
Moorfield Storey, lawyer, former president of the American Bar Association (1896-97), first president of the NAACP (1909-15)
William Graham Sumner, sociologist, classical economist, author
Oswald Garrison Villard, journalist, classical liberal activist, later member of the America First Committee 

Dear diary, 
Today I have joined the Anti-Imperialism league. The point of the Anti-Imperialsim League is a league that is a movement against any form of coloninolism or imperialism. We also oppose to wars of conquest, particularly wars for control of land. We also diasagree with the expansion of any counrty outside of its borders.

Dear diary,

             Today, our humble leader of the Anti-Imperialism league died in the year of 1905. our new leader to be is a lawyer and civil rights activist named Moorfield Storey hopefully he will be as good of leader as our last leader, rest his sole, George S. Boutwell.

Dear diary, 

            Today the Anti-Imperialism league has became only half as strong as it youst to be and is starting to crumble and fall apart. We, the Anti-Imperialism league, did not objective to america’s entry into World War I(though several individual members did opose intervention).

Dear diary,
            I fear that the Anti-Imperialism League is beginning to crumble I feelt that we are breaking apart form each other and we are not working together to solve our problems. I feel that we will eventually sease to exist and the Anti-Imperialsim League will be no more.

 Dear Diary,
            Today is in the year of 1921 and I have bad news, the Anti-Imperialism league has been put to an end we have dispanded from each other and have gone our separate ways.