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Open Door

Dear diary,
                 I, John Hay, have recognized that China is the key to making our way as an asian power. After America had taken over the Philippians, we were closer to China than ever, we knew we had to get involved somehow. Some of these powers were even claiming some of China’s land as their own, this was called the foreign spheres of influence. We were eager to get ourselves a position in China. 

Dear diary,
                 Today  I came up with the Open Door Policy in China. This would guarantee equal trading rights for all spheres. A way to guarantee that one nation did not discriminate against another within its sphere. Some nations were not for this idea and many stated that they could not enforce it, but I announced it final, and so it was. As you can imagine China was not happy about all the foreigners in their land

Dear diary,
                  A group called the Boxers has been formed. They practice martial arts and also believe that they have a magical power, that foreign bullets can not harm them. Also they believe spirit soldiers will rise up and help them. They are determined to overthrow the imperial Ch'ing government and get rid of all “foreign devils.”  

Dear diary,
                 The Boxers have caused so much destruction, and that is where America will get  its opportunity. With months of no news we begin to grow worried. We are, eager to rescue and to assert our presence in China We sent 2,500 sailors and marines to help. We also participated in the settlement that followed. I decided expand my “Open Door” idea in not only the spheres of influence, but in all of China.

Dear diary,
                  Today I advised that we preserve China's land and government. The other world powers will hopefully agree. I feel proud of what I am trying to do. Obviously it was not only me, it was with the help of this amazing American nation that this was accomplished. 

Dear diary,
                  Today we have successfully established ourselves in China. America is headed somewhere great, fast!