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Three Wise men

Dear diary,
                 Today, I Theodore Roosevelt am writing in my journal from my desk.  I will write about what I learned about 3 foreign policies. I will include talking about William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, and of course myself.  First off, I will begin talking about my own policy: The Big stick. Then, I’ll talk about Taft Dollar Diplomacy and Wilson Moral Diplomacy. Well, to start off I was one of the presidents that were most active in foreign affairs.  I would always site this African phrase. I believe it was “Speak softly and carry a big stick. You will go far.” I said this phrase often because of the rough times with New York politics. But that’s how it started; now the “Big Stick” is used to deal with the nations of Latin America. I also said this phrase because it describes my Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.  It implied a pursuit of political power in my eyes. Well enough about me, the next foreign policy I will be talking about is William Howard Taft- Dollar Diplomacy.  William Howard Taft and Taft’s Secretary of state Philander C. Knox followed this foreign policy called the “Dollar diplomacy”. Knox and Taft shared this view.  Taft created the Dollar Diplomacy to create stability and American commercial interests.  Knox also felt that Diplomacy was a way to improve ways on financial opportunities. Knox carried a dollar diplomacy in Central America and in China. Dollar diplomacy would make arrangements by foreign governments to gain access to a U.S private bank loan in return for direct U.S financial supervision.  The next foreign policy I will be writing about is Woodrow Wilson. President Woodrow Wilson introduced “Moral diplomacy for the Western Hemisphere. Woodrow Wilson replaced Taft’s “Moral diplomacy” attitude toward Latin America with “Moral diplomacy.  Wilson thought that if you are part of the economic power of a foreign nation by loaning them money for example, then you have the power to control and influence them without going to war.  However when the problems couldn’t be resolved by diplomacy, the United States did use armed forces. So I guess moral diplomacy wasn’t always successful but is anything foolproof?  When World War 1 started, Wilson wanted to remain neutral and I guess you’ll find out what happen in the next chapter. It was great to be able to share with you some of my thoughts.